BMS (body, mind & soul)

Time is constantly moving, but you can learn to slow it down a bit in order to be able to realize the mistakes and challenges that occur during our lifetime.

There are many ways to help the mind slow down. Meditation is one aspect that helps the mind relief from daily stresses that come with the concrete ‘hlathi’ (jungle/forest). Here are some forms of meditation:
Such as sitting in silence or listening to calming music (classical,
binaural beats) while listening to your breathing and heart beat;
Reading and writing is another form of meditation that helps
relax the mind;

The main reason for meditation is to help the mind slow down in order to be able to tackle daily situations or challenges that come your way. The more relaxed the mind, the simpler it becomes to handle the complexities that arise from day2day activities, which leads to a more affective and effecient mind state.

I’ve realized that a time of solitude is very imperative for the body, mind and soul. Meditation helps you allign the body and mind to the soul. In turn, this helps alleviate the health and financial challenges of your life because of the activities that help balance the body, mind and soul.




Can be very confusing sometimes that you get so distracted, going to a place of solitude helps ease the daily stresses that come with the concrete jungle.

The mind is a very unpredictable aspect of life that if its not taken care of, moves astray to certain mental dimensions that may confuse your way of thinking.

I’ve come to the realization that ‘hlathi’ or a place of trees and animals helps alleviate mental ills that are associated with mental and health problems.

Dreams take you to a land of milk and honey mixed with marmite spread. You never know where you gonna land up. Depending on how you slept and where your mind was just before you fell asleep, will determine whether your in ‘never-never land’ or the ‘devil’s chamber’. So it is vital that you take care of your thoughts just before you sleep.

Personally what I do is, if I had a bad day that requires some calming mood, I relax my mind using esoteric music or binaural beats so that by the time I go to sleep, positive ‘dream-seeking’ is all that my soul hungers for.

Dreams are the only escapism from bodily realities. Connection with the soul is at its utmost in ‘dreamland’. Whether its beautiful dreaming or a nightmare, your soul is racing way ahead of the mind state.