Activity Analysis

I’ve come to the realization that life is full of patterns, and in order to properly assess these day-to-day patterns, a process is needed.

“The best method for maintaining the integrity of a measurement system is to reduce the opportunities for compromise.” (David Bain)

Self-actualization of personal patterns can be a huge confidence booster. The reason being, when you start understanding how your regular activities can be measured and improved, your confidence increases for the better.

Systems and processes are created for this very reason of understanding the world around you, which provides you with the feeling of being in control. Our ancients understood the process of ‘productivity’; from the Pharaohs who began building step pyramids and completing them before their death using only granite stone, to building better quality pyramids using granite and quartzite stones in the shortest amount of time; or monks who created ‘grinding grain wind mills’ that would give more time for devotion and prayer to Christ; to modern time commercialization of inventions in terms of mass production.

Productivity analyzing is so vital for improving activity processes that even our mobile phones are processing more and more data in the shortest amount of time.

My team and I decided to create a process that helps with time management of your daily activities, while measuring and interpreting the data created from those activities. The product is still in the early stages of production, so please keep reading this blog for more info.

Best wishes.


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